Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions before you buy? Here are some FAQ's

How do I create an application?

First of all, you have to create an account. It is very simple and easy. After that, you can create your own apps for iPhone/iPod. Just click on App Templates and select the one you want to use.

I finished my application; what is next?

Now you have to make sure that your application is ready for release. Go to App Store Properties. Make sure that your Application icon(57x57) is identical with the iTunes icon (1024x1024) but in a different size. Fill in the required information and click Save. Once you click on the submit button, one of our build engineers will test your application and make sure it works properly. If there are any broken links, buttons that don't work or content that doesn't comply with Guidelines we will reject it. Check your app status on the website to see when your application gets approved/rejected.

Application Status

In-Design (Unpaid) - 0
In-Design (Paid) - 1
Ready-For-Release - 2
In-Review - 3
In-App Store - 4

Do I need a Developer certificate?

Only if you want your app to have your own company name as author. To find out about how to generate a certificate, please follow this link

How long will it take for my app to be approved?

It takes on average 3-10 business days; however, the process may take longer. 3-10 days is just an estimate based on our past experience with Apple's review process. Please note that Apple does not provide any timeframe estimate on how long the process may take. The max we've seen was 1 month. We'll be responsible for fixing any technical issues. On your side we expect cooperation in adding proper quality content and following our guidelines as well as Apple's requirements.


If the app data is saved on the mobile device, does that mean even if there is no internet the data will still be available on the mobile device?

Yes. All data is deployed to App Store/Google Play Store/Amazon Appstore and saved on the mobile device. Even if the device has no internet connection, the app will still work.

I have an iPhone app; how can I publish it on Google Play Store as an Android app?

We specialize in creating rich content native apps for iPhone and Android, too. We try to keep these technologies separate, i.e. if you want a single app to be submitted to both markets then you have to duplicate your content in two separate apps (one for App Store and one for Google Play Store) - we provide the tools to do this efficiently.

How do I insert a YouTube video?

- Open YouTube.
- Copy the Embed code (it is under the video)
- Go to SeattleClouds >Find yourpage.html >click on Edit
- Click on the YouTube button (left side toolbox area)
- Paste the code into the YouTube box.
- Save

Make sure that your video's Embed code is set to 320x265 video resolutions or less, so you can see your video in portrait mode.

How do I sell an app on App Store?

If you want to sell your app on App Store you will need to create Your DEV Account with Apple under your name or your company name. To enroll in the iPhone program go to
You will sign a contract with Apple and receive payments directly from Apple.


Regarding your price plans, can you tell me what happens with a monthly subscription package if I stop paying this monthly bill at a future point? What happens to the apps that have already been created and put on the App Store?

If you stop paying at a future point, the apps will still be available for download from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore, but they will not be usable until the bill is paid in full. Subscription-based apps will try to connect online and check your payment status. If the apps detect that you cancelled your payment, they will show users a popup warning message and then shut down. The message goes away when you resume your subscription payments, and the apps will be usable again. If you don't want a monthly subscription payment schedule, you can always to buy out your app for a single, one-time fee. Apps that you purchase upfront do not make any online verifications and will never pop up warning messages.

Can I use PDF files?

There are no restrictions on using PDF files. But for reading them or inserting them into app you will need to upload your PDF file and link to it from your app page.

Can I update a Live application?

You can update your app content an unlimited number of times.

Does my iPhone app work on iPad?

You can update your app content an unlimited number of times.Yes, all iPhone apps will work on iPad in magnified mode. We have templates designed specifically for the iPad's large screen. You need to publish a separate app for iPad only if you want to make use of the large iPad screen - 768 x 1024 pixels.

Can I create my app in my own editor and then add it to

Click on the Backup button in your application Dashboard. Unzip your downloaded file and Use Dreamweaver or any other editor to edit your HTML. Keep all your files in the root folder. Do not create subfolders.
When done, zip your folder, go to your app dashboard and hit Restore from backup to update your project with your own Zip.

How can I edit my app's name on Will the new name appear in the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore?
Your project's name on the our appbuilder website is just an identifier and not your app name. Your app name and description will appear in the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore exactly as you type it in your App Dashboard -> App Store Proprieties/Google Play Proprieties/Amazon Appstore Proprieties or in the submission process. We will not append any promotional info.
How long does it take for a binary building process?

A binary build process will take 1-2 business days.

How do I use Ad Mob?

On the Application Settings section of your App Dashboard you'll find an Ad Mob settings page. Paste your Ad Mob Publisher ID there. This is a string you get on Ad Mob's website.

How do I get an Ad Mob Publisher ID?

Follow these steps and you'll have your Ad Mob Publisher ID in no time!
1. Go to and sign up.
2. Choose Add Site/App from the menu
3. Pick 'Android App'
4. Fill in the App Name, Category and App description. You don't need to enter the Android Package URL as you won't know it until you've put your app up in Google Play anyways. Leave that completely blank.
(Make sure you remove all text from the URL field if you don't use it, e.g. remove the default "market://" text.)
5. Click OK.
6. You'll then see a screen that talks about the Ad Mob Android SDK. This is the confusing part. Just ignore it and click the 'Go to Sites/Apps' button at the bottom. You don't need to download the SDK or anything. SeattleClouds takes care of that part for you already.
7. Now you'll see a list of your Apps. Find the app you just added and hover over the name with your mouse. You'll see a Manage Settings button appear. Click it.
8. That's it. You'll see your Publisher ID up at the top. It is below the App Name and below the Site URL. It is labelled 'Publisher ID' and is a 15 character code (alphanumeric).

How can I delete an App (project) from My Application List?
If you want to delete an Unpaid app (an that is not attached to your subscription plan) find the X Delete button bellow your application icon in Application Dashboard.
If you want to delete a Paid app (an app that is attached to your subscription plan) please open a Support Ticket and we will unlock this app for you (make it unpaid).
Where I can find the app binary download link for my Instant Build request?

You should receive an email with a link for downloading.
Please check your spam folder. Sometimes an email can arrive and promptly be placed in your spam or junk folder.
If you are missing an email from us, please check there first and be sure to add the email address from us to your "whitelist" of approved emails.

However, if you didn't received an email with a link for downloading your app binary, you can find this download link in your App Dashboard, bellow "Ready To Publish" button.

How do I convert pages?

To convert pages, follow these steps:
- Open your application in SeattleClouds
- Click on Edit Pages
- Select the page you want to convert from the list of your Pages and click Edit.
- Above the Save button, you can find the Convert link. Click on it and select a new type of page to convert to.
- Press the Convert button.
Important: Page type conversion will erase all information on your previous page.

How do I change the background image for my app?

To change the background image from your application follow these steps:
- Click on Design Properties
- In Properties list find Background Image and click on it like in the image below.

- Select a background image from the Gallery, the Search page, or Upload an image from your computer.
- Click the Add to Resources button and then click Choose. (Your new image will be automatically selected; you do not have to search through the Resources page for it.)
- Click Apply Changes to save your changes and then click Done.

If you don't want a background image, you can set just a background color.

How do I change the Tabs number and Tabs Icons?

You can change your app Navigation Settings from your App Dashboard. From the Navigation Setting section you can change the tabs number, tabs text and tabs icons.

Also, from Navigation Settings you can change your App Navigation type (No Tabs, Standard Tabs, Custom Tabs or Wheel Navigation).

What is the Splash Screen used for?

Splash screen is an image that appears when the application loads. It covers the entire screen and lasts as long as the application loads (usually few seconds). The purpose of a splashscreen is to disguise the length of time that an application takes to load.

Should my application icon and iTunes icon be the same, just one bigger and one smaller?

Yes. App icon and iTunes icon should be the same image, just different resolution.

iPhone/iPod Touch icon: 57x57 pixels
iPad icon: 72x72 px
iTunes Bigicon: 1024x1024 pixels

Approval Process

Application approval is subjective to our review and Apple's review process. We will not approve and submit apps that are incomplete, have broken links, broken functionality, have inappropriate content, are part of a scam or infringe on copyright laws. We will also not approve applications qualified as purely marketing ad with limited, or no functionality. SeattleClouds and Apple reserves the right to reject an application based on a subjective evaluation of the reviewer.

Do I need an Apple Developer account or can I submit under' account? will ONLY agree to submit under its company's account applications that meet ALL of the following requirements:

- provides high usability to the end user,
- is rich in content, informative and instructive,
- contains offline multimedia content such as audio or video,
- contains interactive native pages,
- has a professional look and feel and an original design,
- is not designed to promote a brand name we don't own,
- contains no copyrighted material without the express permission of the copyright holder,
- can not be classified as posing a potential copyright issue
- is published for FREE distribution

If any of these requirements are not met, will NOT submit the app under its company account and will require you to enroll in Apple's iOS program at

IMPORTANT: If your application promotes a brand name or a registered trademark you are required to have your own development account with Apple.

How do I set the price for an app approved by the App Store?

Let me assume your App is online in the App Store. If this is true, login to iTunesConnectand select Manage Your Applications.

Once in Manage Your Applications, select the application name:
Once inside the App, click on Rights and Pricing:
Once in Rights and Pricing:
1. Select the Tier you want to set for pricing.
2. In the effective date selection, set to "Now"
3. In the end date selection, set to "None"
4. Select Save Changes
If you need further instruction, you may want to check out the iTunesConnect Developer Guide.
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